Beer and Mooncake Pairing

TDP hosts beer events regularly. During these occasions, we meet folks who are beer newbies (noobs!) as well as many who are already beer connoisseurs in their own right.

A key purpose of these events is to encourage people to try new beers rather than our staple lager style beers. Also, to appreciate the history, brewing process and savour the different character of each label. Hence, it is particularly heartening when folks continue to explore new beers after the events. They keep us in the loop and share with us their experiences.

It is great knowing that we touched people’s beer lives in our own way.

Steven Ng, one of our “MBA” (Masters of Beer Appreciation) graduates, has taken beer appreciation to new heights with his Beer and Mooncakes Pairing during the Mid-Autumn Festival. We heard he has previously organised other beer/food get-togethers with his kakis, but in our opinion, this mooncake pairing is truly adventurous. Hope you guys enjoyed the dinner, Steven and co.!

*Photo credited to Steven Ng*

*Photo credited to Steven Ng*

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