In what started out as a hobby for 3 Singaporean brothers, the passion for crafted beers on a large scale has evolved from a dream to reality. At Rye & Pint, we strive to push the boundaries on the perception of beers locally. We always believe a Singaporean beer can be as good and enjoyable as beers from our Western counterparts. Be it enjoying a pilsner on a sweltering afternoon, to sipping our ales during an evening gathering with friends, we believe there is always a Rye & Pint beer that suits the occasion.

There’s currently 5 core labels available year long, both in bottles and kegs.

  • Sundays Brew Pilsner

  • Trippin on Wheat Ale

  • Punchin’ Rye Pale Ale

  • Star Gazin’ Session IPA

  • Poppin’ Haze Hazy IPA

Product of  Singapore

The Drinking Partners is the exclusive distributor of Rye & Pint Brewing Co. craft beers in Singapore.