Strange but true, the signs in our lives were pointing to one direction - beers.  The Drinking Partners was started by 3 wanderers, whose attempts to eat and drink across the world and climb as many mountains always ended happily in a brewery or bar, in the company of brewers and beer lovers. And so it was this series of happy encounters which sparked the idea of introducing craft beers to Singapore.

Fast-forward to today. The Drinking Partners now imports and distributes the widest and wildest range of craft beer in Singapore. As pioneer of the craft beer movement in Singapore, you can bet that our knowledge, expertise and awesome portfolio will help in creating the cool craft beer menu you've been dreaming of.

Craft beer is our big love & we believe there is something for everyone. Our craft beer portfolio covers a diverse style and range to suit different palates & preferences, covers a diverse range of countries (Singapore, UK, US, Belgium, Netherlands & Denmark) & covers a diverse price-range to suit different budgets. Take your pick from our 19 breweries! The quickest way to find out more about our portfolio is to meet up with us. Book a call, send us an email or just call us immediately!


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